Q Talks project

“Q Talks” (Qundylyq Talks) is an innovative conference format, inspired by TED talks, where speakers such as school heads, teachers, parents, and students, share their experiences and insights on values-based education through informal monologues. The goal of each speaker is to showcase the successes, failures, and unique aspects of their schools, inspiring listeners to apply […]

VBE-based inspirational videos

As part of our commitment to values-based education, we offer a series of inspiring videos that explore different universal values. These videos are designed to motivate and inspire members of the school community to reflect on and embrace these values in their daily lives. Each video presents a unique perspective on a particular value and […]

Qundylyq Management System

The “Qundylyq Management System” is an online portal designed to manage the educational process in schools. Through this portal, school administrators can effectively monitor and evaluate the school’s educational efforts. The system allows for the monitoring of teacher performance and classroom metrics, as well as generating monthly, quarterly, and annual reports. For more information, please […]

“Qadam” teaching guidebook

The “Qadam” teaching guidebook has been developed to support educators responsible for organizing and implementing the educational process within a values-based framework. The complex consists of three levels: primary education (grades 1-4), lower secondary education (grades 5-9), and upper secondary education (grades 10-11). It provides educators with methodological recommendations for planning, implementing, and evaluating the […]

Astana Hosts Prestigious ‘INFOMATRIX’ International Computer Projects Contest

The “INFOMATRIX” international computer projects contest, a prestigious event that attracts leading IT students from around the globe, was recently organized in Kazakhstan. This event is a collaborative effort between the Republican Scientific and Practical Centre “Daryn” under the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan and the “BILIM-INNOVATION” International Community Fund. For over […]

The BIL Foundation and Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools signed a memorandum of cooperation

BILIM-INNOVATION and NIS Forge Partnership with Memorandum of Understanding The President of BILIM-INNOVATION International Community Fund, Darhan Ote, and the Chairman of the Board of NIS, Anuar Zhangozin, have agreed to a partnership designed to enhance collaboration between their respective educational institutions. This cooperation will encompass a range of joint initiatives, including professional development programs […]

Turkestan BIL Celebrates Inauguration of New School Building

The city of Turkestan recently celebrated the grand opening of the new Bilim-Innovation Lyceum building, welcoming both boys and girls. This momentous event was graced by the presence of Gani Beisembayev, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Darhan Satybaldy, the Akim of the region, and Darhan Ote, the president of the “BILIM-INNOVATION” […]

2024 Regional Olympiad Yields Impressive Results

From January 4th to 6th this year, students from “Bilim-Innovation” lyceums shone brightly at the regional stage of the Republican Olympiad in general education subjects held across the nation. Their remarkable performance resulted in a total medal haul of 1,338 – comprising 383 gold, 457 silver, and 498 bronze medals. This impressive achievement highlights the […]