Bilim-Innovation and Kazakh Tili: A Language and Culture Partnership

Bilim-Innovation International Public Foundation and the “Kazakh Tili” International Society have signed a memorandum of understanding. During discussions, Darhan Ote, President of the Bilim-Innovation Foundation, and Rauan Kenzhekhan, President of the Kazakh Tili Society, explored strategies for collaborative projects supporting and promoting the Kazakh language. Both organisations are committed to pooling their efforts to enhance […]

Foundation Welcomes NIS Delegation to Share Educational Practices

The Central Office of the Bilim-Innovation Foundation welcomed a delegation from NIS as part of a recently established memorandum of cooperation The meeting aimed to exchange experiences to drive joint projects and attracted special interest from the guests due to the unique values-based educational system of Bilim-Innovation lyceums, which is rooted in national values. During […]

BILIM-INNOVATION’s National Girls’ Volleyball Tournament Success

BILIM-INNOVATION Foundation successfully hosted a national girls’ volleyball tournament, drawing participation from 15 educational institutions under its oversight. The two-day event saw fierce competition, with 10 teams representing BIL and another 5 comprising students from various mixed and private schools. The tournament culminated in a clear display of talent and teamwork: Our sincerest appreciation and […]