Astana hosts finals of national ‘Konіldі Tapkyrlar Ligasy’ event

On May 18th, Astana hosted the annual finals of the “Konіldі Tapkyrlar Ligasy” (KTL) games, an event analogous to the KVN comedy competition, organised by the Bilim-Innovation Fund. The competition begins with regional stages in four cities before advancing to the national level. This year’s final saw six teams who had triumphed in their respective regions, along with the winner of the Foundation President’s Cup, which took place in Almaty in February. The competing teams were:

  1. “Lycei Emes” from Zhambyl Higher Innovation College, Taraz;
  2. “Biz Zhanbasak Lapyldap” from Kulsary BIL, Atyrau region;
  3. “Sol Bayagy Alkyz” from the Almaty Lyceum for Girls;
  4. “Maykudyk” from the Karaganda Boys’ BIL;
  5. “Syndicate” from the Pavlodar Men’s BIL;
  6. “NurVuitton” from Nurorda School in Astana.

Students, teachers, and parents from across the country came to support the finalists. At the end of the competition, the team “Biz Zhanbasak Lapyldap” from Kulsary clinched first place, followed by “Maykudyk” in second, and “Sol Bayagy Alkyz” in third.

The event received financial backing from BIL alumni, including Askhat Soltanov, founder of Happy Cake, and Almaz Zhali, head of Brave Talents. The Foundation extends heartfelt thanks to the sponsors, participants, and organising committee for making this event a success.