Dynamic Expansion of Collaboration Between BILIM-INNOVATION and NIS

Delegates from the “BILIM-INNOVATION” International Public Foundation recently made a visit to the “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, aiming to closely understand their operational framework and unique educational practices.

During the visit, the “BILIM-INNOVATION” team delved into the educational programs offered by Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools, explored teacher professional growth assessment methods, and observed the operations of their professional development centers. Additionally, they were presented with the innovative digital project, Beyim Tech.

The “BILIM-INNOVATION” delegation expressed great admiration for NIS’s projects and initiatives, reaffirming their readiness to engage in collaborative efforts to enhance educational quality in Kazakhstan. Notably, a memorandum of cooperation was signed in December 2023 between the Foundation and NIS, aimed at fostering and reinforcing their partnership.

In a reciprocal gesture of appreciation, the “BILIM-INNOVATION” Foundation’s leadership extends its gratitude to Mr. Anuar Zhangozin, Chairman of the Board at “Nazarbayev Intellectual Schools”, and his dedicated team for their gracious hospitality. Demonstrating a commitment to ongoing cooperation, the Foundation has extended an invitation to the NIS delegation for future collaborative discussions and activities.