Educators gather for the annual Q Talks conference in Astana

On May 4, the Bilim-Innovation Foundation hosted the annual Q Talks (Qundylyq Talks) conference in Astana as part of its Value-Based Education project. The conference attracted educators, parents, and students from across the nation, showcasing its significance as a pioneering platform for sharing educational practices among schools.

The event kicked off with the exhibition “Values – meaningful bridge of education,” featuring works from students and schools in Astana and Karaganda that were created through the project.

Nine speakers, including teachers, students, and parents, took the stage at the conference. Each shared their unique experiences in education, imbued with genuine emotions and insightful reflections, which inspired everyone in attendance.

Prominent guests such as Majilis deputies Askhat Aimagambetov and Maxim Rozhin, Amanat Party Secretary Sholpan Karinova, and regional education department leaders praised the event’s high organisational standards and successful execution. They expressed their gratitude towards the organisers and speakers for their contributions.