Our task now is to change the attitude of Kazakhstani citizens, especially of the youth, towards education and intellect, service to the Motherland and the people.

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Galaxу Mile!

On November 3, an International School “Galaxy” held a marathon run by the Sairan lake with the support of Almaly district akimat in Almaty.

The main purpose of this marathon, which was attended by the school staff, parents and pupils, is to hold a charity event in line with the Message of our President Nursultan Nazarbayev within the framework of “Spiritual Renaissance”. The event was attended by 150 people and 118 participated in the marathon run.

This event confirmed the fact that the “Galaxy” International School aims to provide the younger generation with quality education and also educate students for their well-being. The marathon requirements are as follows: 2 km: from 10 to 14 years. 4 km: between 15-50 years.

The event started in the morning with the participants warming up. School staff, as well as parents and students, showed great readiness and conscientiousness. The event was organized at a high level, and each participant was pleased.

Trail signs and posters were put from start to finish. Hot teas were distributed to participants at the finish line.

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