Future leaders converge at the “Zhas Koshbashbashy-2024” conference in Almaty and Shymkent

On May 3 and 5, the “Zhas Koshbashbashy-2024” (“Emerging leader-2024”) conference, organised by the Bilim-Innovation Foundation, took place in Almaty and Shymkent respectively. These conferences are designed to prepare high school students for leadership roles, enhance their creativity, and bolster the cultural and business climate of the community. Launched earlier in Astana, the events gathered approximately 70 students from 22 schools in Almaty and about 60 students from 19 schools in Shymkent and the nearby areas.

According to the organisers, these conferences provided a unique platform for young leaders to showcase their ideas to top experts, receive valuable guidance, and broaden their professional networks for future collaborations. The event is set to be held annually in the same format.