Innovative BIL Teacher in Semey Brings Physics to Life with Comics

At Bilim-Innovation Lyceum in Semey, physics teacher Zhaskairat Naubetov has introduced an innovative teaching method for 7th and 9th graders, using comics to explain complex physics concepts like “Density,” “Newton’s Laws,” “Law of Conservation of Energy,” and “Archimedes’ Law.” This approach makes these topics more accessible and engaging for students.
Mr. Naubetov observed that this method has significantly boosted students’ interest and motivation in physics. He also pointed out that in an era where children increasingly rely on smartphones, this approach provides a more productive use of their free time. Comics not only fosters creativity and critical thinking but also enhances students’ drawing skills. Impressively, students have now started creating their comics to deepen their understanding of new topics.
Looking ahead, Zhaskairat Naubetov is planning to organise a competition among students to create the best comic book, further encouraging this creative learning process.