Turkestan BIL Celebrates Inauguration of New School Building

The city of Turkestan recently celebrated the grand opening of the new Bilim-Innovation Lyceum building, welcoming both boys and girls. This momentous event was graced by the presence of Gani Beisembayev, the Minister of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Darhan Satybaldy, the Akim of the region, and Darhan Ote, the president of the “BILIM-INNOVATION” ICF. The ceremony was further enhanced by heartfelt messages from renowned intellectuals of the region.

The Turkestan Bilim-Innovation Lyceum has been a pioneering educational institution in the region since its inception in 1992, known for its high admission standards. Previously located in the city of Kentau, the old building has now been replaced by this new state-of-the-art facility. Spanning a total area of 31,689 square meters, the new lyceum is a blend of grandeur and functionality, designed to accommodate both male and female students.