Zharkyn Bolashak Kazakh language olympiad concludes in Astana with national finals

On May 21-22, Astana hosted the final stage of the 12th Zharkyn Bolashak republican Kazakh language olympiad. Approximately 5,000 students competed at the regional level, with 200 advancing to the finals. The event was organised by the Bilim-Innovation Foundation and the Daryn centre, under the auspices of the Ministry of Education of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

Participants included 7th to 11th graders from both Kazakh and non-Kazakh language streams.

The competition encompassed five categories:

  1. “Pictorialists”: drawing Kazakh literary works in comic form;
  2. “Contest of Connoisseurs”: challenges based on oral folk literature;
  3. “Young Writers”: written creative work;
  4. “Masters of the Word”: oratory and public speaking;
  5. “Nightingale Singers”: singing performances.

The contest evaluators comprised prominent philologists, artists, and journalists, including Maira Ilyasova, Bagdat Samidenova, Ulykpan Zholdasov, writer Nurgali Oraz, and journalist Moldir Dospaeva.

Thirty-six 11th-grade participants were awarded educational grants from prestigious local universities such as:

  1. Dosmukhamedov University in Atyrau;
  2. Abay Kazakh National Pedagogical University;
  3. Shakarim University in Semey;
  4. Toraigyrov University in Pavlodar;
  5. Amanzholov University in Oskemen;
  6. Maksut Narikbayev University in Astana;
  7. Baitursynov University in Kostanay;
  8. Al-Farabi Kazakh National University;
  9. Narxoz University in Almaty;
  10. SDU University in Almaty.

The closing ceremony was held at the Kuanyshbaev Kazakh National Music and Drama Theatre, attended by the vice-ministers of education, science and higher education, members of the Majilis and Senate of the Parliament, and other dignitaries.

Generous support was provided by the Altyn Qyran Foundation, Jakko and Almather companies, and the International “Kazak tili” Society.

On behalf of the Bilim Innovation Foundation, heartfelt thanks go to the participants, the Ministry of Education, Science and Higher Education, regional education departments, school communities in Astana, and our sponsors, as well as members of the Majilis and Senate, and public figures for their support in making this event a success.