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Aktau BIL for boys

30 microdistrict, 180 building

Aktobe BIL for boys

Zhubanov Brothers Street, 203

Atyrau BIL for girls

L.Vladimirsky street, 28

Atyrau BIL for boys

Dosmukhambetova street, 10

Zhanaozen BIL for boys

Munaily district, N.Sarbopeyev street, 16

Kulsary BIL for boys

Duisengali Azigalieva street, 67

Oral BIL for boys

Derkul village, Zhas dauren 3 children's complex, house 45

Almaty BIL for boys

Aksai 3B, house 27 (temporary address: Mamyr 1, 21/1)

Esik BIL for boys

Abai atreet, 98

Oskemen BIL for boys

Likhareva Street, 5

Semey BIL for boys

Valikhanov Street, 206

Taldykorgan BIL for boys

Kadyrgali Zhalairi Avenue, 43/6

Arys BIL for boys

Baitursynova Street, 141

Turkistan BIL for boys

Zhana Kala, near the Shapagat supermarket

Kyzylorda BIL for boys

Sultan Beybarys Street, 10

Kyzylorda BIL for girls

Sultan Beybarys Street, 10

Taraz BIL for boys

Suleimenova Street, 19

Taraz BIL for girls

Sypatai Batyr Street, 31

Shymkent BIL for boys

Adyrbekova Street, 135

Shymkent BIL for girls

Yelshibek Batyr Street, 114G

Shymkent BIL for girls

Zhana Kala, near the Shapagat supermarket

Astana BIL for boys

Turara Ryskulova Street, 14

Astana BIL for girls

187 street, 17

Zhezkazgan BIL for boys

Abaya Street, 77

Karagandy BIL for boys

Aktyubinskaya Street, 1A

Karagandy BIL for girls

K. Amanzholov Street, 96A

Ekibastuz BIL for boys

Mashkhur Zhusupa Street, 97

Kokshetau BIL for boys

Akan Sere Street, 155A

Kostanay BIL for boys

Kobylandy Batyr Street, 31

Pavlodar BIL for boys

Akademika Chokin Street, 146

Pavlodar BIL for girls

Kamzina Street, 69

Petropavlsk BIL

street Sh.Valikhanov, 18

Shchuchinsk IT BIL

Gorny md., house 28

What we do

Operational management of Bilim Innovation schools and other partner institutions.

Introduction of effective practices and resources to the education sector.

Provision of professional training for educators.

Organisation of educational and cultural events.

Partnership with national and international peer organisations.


To contribute to the human capital development of the nation by supporting the development of capable and well-balanced individuals drawing on national and international best practices in education.

Quantity of medals at interscholastic competitions

International level
National level


State-funded scholarship awardees

1 254

Highly selective Nazarbayev University acceptances


Top-100 university acceptances (QS WUR)


What’s our secret

Dedicated teaching staff

Our teachers are firm believers in the power of education and a teacher’s mission. They sincerely care for the lives of their students and support them in all possible ways.

Values-based education

Based on a set of national and universal values, it is intertwined with teaching and learning; and is reflected in the school culture.

Successful home-school partnership

We would not be successful without the great support of our students’ parents whose active involvement plays a pivotal role in school life.


Our schools have long experience and a strong tradition of preparation for olympiads, rigorous academic interscholastic competitions, owing to which our students perform well at district, national and international contests.

Multilingual learning environment

Thanks to multilingual instruction in Kazakh, Russian, English and Turkish our students benefit from a unique learning environment and have access to a great many resources.

Democratic school climate

Relationships among students, teachers and school leadership are based on trust that creates an environment where all can express their views openly and take an active role in school life.


Our projects

Q Talks project

“Q Talks” (Qundylyq Talks) is an innovative conference format, inspired by TED talks, where speakers such



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