Parental involvement

Realising that collaboration between teachers and parents plays a pivotal role in a student’s education, our educational institutions work very closely with parents to establish meaningful connections.

Parents tend to take part in the parent board and communities to support the school administration and teachers. School leadership provides regular training opportunities for parents to increase their parental skills and knowledge about how children behave and learn. There are numerous parent-sponsored events and activities taking place at schools as well. Our parents strive to build connections with other school parent communities by organising joint forums to exchange ideas and share practice which very much welcomed by those parents and school leaders.

Parents’ engagement with the school does not stop even after their children graduate from it. They continue to be involved in school activities along with acting parents maintaining close ties with one another.

Parents events & activities

In addition to parent events and activities organised by schools, there are a number of nationwide events in place sponsored by the fund. These often tend to be large-scale events in various contexts:

Sports – tournaments and championships in team sports;

Discussion forums – conferences, workshops to exchange views on parenting;

Creative platforms – contests and exhibitions in arts, music, etc.

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