“SMART KITAPKHANA” leveled children’s book sets

As part of the project to implement values-based education, the Foundation initiated a project to develop a series of leveled children’s literature in Kazakh language called “SMART KITAPKHANA” for students in grades 1-4.This series has several unique features

  • such as various genres (fiction, fantasy, fairy tales, comics, and popular science) and themes.
  • The books have modern illustrations and a small volume
  • and they take into account the cognitive (context, psychology, attention span), linguistic (vocabulary, grammar, reading speed, sentence length, etc.) peculiarities of the students.
  • Books for each grade are developed in three main directions: “values,” “Kazakh and world literature,” and “me and the universe.”

For more information, please visit the website: https://astanakitap.kz/