Q Talks project

“Q Talks” (Qundylyq Talks) is an innovative conference format, inspired by TED talks, where speakers such as school heads, teachers, parents, and students, share their experiences and insights on values-based education through informal monologues. The goal of each speaker is to showcase the successes, failures, and unique aspects of their schools, inspiring listeners to apply […]

Scholastic competition trainer preparation programme

The scholastic competition trainer preparation programme is an innovative and highly effective program designed to help educators improve their teaching skills and prepare students for academic competitions. This program is aimed at teachers who wish to enhance their knowledge and skills in teaching and coaching students for various academic competitions. The programme is structured around […]

Tiered teacher and school leadership CPD (Continuing Professional Development) courses

As part of the Foundation’s initiative, CPD courses were developed to improve the qualifications of teachers and school administrators. The teacher CPD courses The CPD programme for teachers is the result of 30 years of experience working in the Kazakhstani education systems in combination with ongoing work and studying international experience. Our unique CPD programme […]

‘Zharqyn bolashaq’ national Kazakh language festival

The ‘Zharqyn bolashaq’ national Olympiad in the Kazakh language was initiated in 2008 by the Foundation in collaboration with the Ministry of Education. Its main goal is to enhance the quality of teaching Kazakh language and to identify creative initiatives. Students from 7th to 11th grades of both public and private schools participate in five […]

“SMART KITAPKHANA” leveled children’s book sets

As part of the project to implement values-based education, the Foundation initiated a project to develop a series of leveled children’s literature in Kazakh language called “SMART KITAPKHANA” for students in grades 1-4.This series has several unique features For more information, please visit the website: https://astanakitap.kz/

Bilingual textbooks for Science and Mathematics

The Foundation has developed bilingual textbooks in natural science and mathematics subjects for grades 7-11 in order to effectively implement academic programs in these subjects in English. The textbooks cover the following subjects: The development of these textbooks has taken into account international experience in teaching academic disciplines in English as a Medium of Instruction. […]

Singapore Maths for Elementary school

The Foundation has collaborated with colleagues from Singapore to develop an integrated mathematics curriculum for primary schools in Kazakhstan, taking into account the state educational standards. Additionally, the Fund has introduced textbooks for teaching mathematics using the Singaporean method in Kazakh and Russian languages, specifically designed for students in primary classes. More detailed information can […]

Qundylyq Academy

“Qundylyq Academy” is a digital platform that offers a range of educational courses for personal and professional development to school leaders, teachers, and educators. The platform features various courses relevant to modern-day schools, including: Upon completion of the course, participants receive a certificate of completion provided they have fulfilled the necessary requirements. These courses are […]

Values-based education courses

In order to introduce a values-based approach to education, a 36-hour classroom course titled “Education Based on Values” has been designed for school directors, their deputies, and homeroom teachers. The course equips participants with the necessary theoretical and practical knowledge and skills to implement this type of education in their respective schools. Upon completing the […]